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A Tale of Two Cities~ Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project, 4000 sq.ft. international public art project in Olympia, Washington.  Over 200 participants, an activist, community and cross movement building memorial to Rachel Corrie, Olympia native, killed in Rafah by Israeli military as she  nonviolently tried to stop the demolition of the home of Palestinian doctor. 2007-present.

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Mourning and Action, Shatila Refugee Camp 2013, Anniversary of 30 years since Sabra and Shatila Massacre, Beirut, Lebanon, 2000 sq. ft. in Mosque Square, Shatila Refugee Camp, with Al Jana Center for Popular Arts.

Shatila Youth“We Live Here” Song written and performed  by Shatila Youth Media







Interview with Mohamad El Diri, artist from Gaza, Palestine; on leaving Gaza for the first time and what it is like to be working in  Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

Bourj El Shamali Refugee Camp, Commemorating 1982 massacre, with Al Jana Center for Popular Arts, Houleh Memorial for victims of 1982 massacre.

Final Bourj el Shamali Mural (1)







Interview with Abu Waseem, of Bourj El Shamali, about history and conditions in the camp. Houleh Memorial for victims of 1982 massacre.

SHATILA YOUTH MEDIA, Ahlem Lajea (Refugee Dreams), Education and Culture Center in  Shatila Refugee  Camp, Produced by Art Forces and Al Jana


Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural, Sacramento Knoxx Music Video.

Grant Application: Please view 3:08-4:11The Village of Bi’lin celebrated a small victory which the MAIA Mural Brigade was honored to witness.  In June 2011, a section of the occupation or apartheid wall was moved back allowing the people of Bi’lin to keep that area of land. About half of the village lands have been confiscated by Israel in the construction of the wall. Video by Hilary Hacker.

Bilin finished



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The Maia Mural Brigade with the Popular Theater Society in the West Bank!
Video by Hilary Hacker

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