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Bi’lin Mural

The miracle of the mural in a day… Check out the fotos in the Bil’in Mural link on the side bar!

Our fourth companion arrived late last night and we are bringing him up to speed. He is impressed with the size of our canvas and the headway we’ve made with our design, but we still had a lot of work to do and we were anxious about gridding the wall and getting some of the [...]

The plan is for different Palestinian artists to fill in the silhouettes and international artists  or those not able to participate on the ground, will contribute designs for the notes on the musical staffs which will be the musical notation for Biladi (“My Country“) the National Anthem of Palestine and Mawtini (“My Homeland”), another unofficial [...]

The plastering has dried and we have scaffolding! Amazing! Our dear comrade Amjad, the groundskeeper at the Conservatory, is busy priming the building while we continue to adjust the design and meet with various Palestinian artists who we’ve invited to participate in the painting of the mural. Also, after visiting and meeting more than one [...]

We visited the village of Bil’in today and met with Mohammed Khatib and Eyad Bornat from the Popular Committee against the Wall. Since 2005, the people of Bil’in have been protesting the construction of the Wall in their village with participation from Israeli and international activists as well as Palestinians from around Palestine. The construction [...]

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