Break the Silence arrives in Bir Zeit

We arrived Sunday evening to the town of Bir Zeit, just north of Ramallah. Our kind and generous hosts at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music have done an amazing job at preparing for our mural work on the 100 ft. by 35 ft. facade of the building which once housed the women’s dormitories of Bir Zeit University. The building has more than 50 rooms with 2-4 beds in each one and serves as a retreat for the music institute as well as other cultural educational and organizational use.

The wall itself will be perfect once the diligent workers (Zeiad and Abbas) finish plastering and we get the primer laid down in the coming days. Today we are off to find paint and supplies and get our bearings.

More to come soon! Check out our pictures on the side in the “Edward Said National Conservatory of Music” folder!

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