Call the Wall: Audio Programming & Work Samples by Tech Leads

I. A Tale of Two Cities~Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project

Olympia WA, Art Forces in collaboration with the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Conceived and Directed by Susan Greene

Call the Wall 360-252-9779, ex. 101-217

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Corner of State & Capital in Olympia WA. 35 x 100 ft.  Interdisciplinary mural with over 200 participants from all over the world. Project celebrates and mourns Rachel Corrie through action. Rachel was born in Olympia and killed in Gaza when run over by an Israeli driven bulldozer in 2003. ORSMP mourns and celebrates the lives of all who struggle for justice.



II.La Lucha Continua/The Struggle Continues

A collaboration of Art Forces and Freedom Archives

Conceived and Directed by Susan Greene

3260 23rd St - between Mission and Capp Streets in San Francisco. Call the Wall:  Dial 415.200.4587 followed by the extension number. Download printable mural key here.



At Freedom Archive's Website you can interact with a photo of the mural above to learn more about each of the individuals portrayed and to hear an audio clip by or about them. Simply move your mouse over the desired individual and click. Or click on the name below.

III. Work Samples by Josh Rose and Mathew Alexander - Technology Leads

i. Video of Augmented Reality Project:

ii. Community Energy Trading App:

To learn more about the Peace and Development Fund:
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