Moving Walls Application

Video Work Samples (not final edits)
Final edits will include subtitles throughout, and other postproduction work.
Undefeated Despair/Mourning and Action
(Please scroll down for videos related to Past Work)

I. Maia Mural Brigade,2011-2013
Series of 9 murals painted in Gaza about the right to clean water.

II. Shatila Refugee Camp-2012 Clips
Start viewing at 02:26.
Interview with survivors of 1982 Shatila Massacre.
Discuss witnessing killings and seeing Israeli soldiers in the camp.

III. Bourj El Shamali Refugee Camp, Tyre, Lebanon, 2013
Camp organizers discuss conditions in the camp and the 1982 bombing that mural project is memorializing.

I. Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural, by Pablo Serrano
2015, 22ft x 57ft mural in downtown Oakland.

II.My Home is Not A Suitcase 2016
Video about Phase 1 of project in Silwan East Jerusalem.

III. A Tale of Two Cities- Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural
Short film on current role mural plays in Olympia WA in relation to being a sanctuary city. Mural is 35ft x 100ft in downtown Olympia WA.

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