Our Roots Are Still Alive, SF CA

After returning from three months living and working in Palestine BTS focused on fulfilling its mission of bringing back information about Palestine to the American public.

BTS painted a mural locally about the situation for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.  BTS made links between Palestine and the life of refugees everywhere particularly in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, long a haven for refugees the world over.  This mural was covered up in 2001 because of constant and increasingly virulent attacks, coupled with the city’s inability to protect it.  BTS hope to be able to uncover and rededicate the mural when Palestinians and all oppressed people have justice.

In 2001, after the second Intifada began the mural was attack with increasing frequency and virulence.  The owner of the store where the mural is located was threatened repeatedly.  Finally we were asked to help do something.  We considered many options and went to the city on numerous occasions to ask for help to protect the mural.  The city did determine it was a hate crime but would/ could do little to help us.  We decided to board up the mural for its protection and that of the store owner.  We hope to unveil it in the future when the city can tolerate a mural about Palestine and everyone's right to a safe place to live.

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