Mourning and Action: Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp, Lebanon

Mourning And Action: Guide

Mourning and Action is a collection of three ongoing projects of commemoration, in refugee camps in Lebanon.

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A collaboration with the brilliant Palestinian team: Omar Abu Steiti, Ritta Taha, Hiba Seddiq, Mahmoud Laila, Ahmad Bader, Alaa Derawi, Aws Al Amer, Tania Naboulsi, of Naher Al Bared Camp and Beddawi Camp (Palestinian Refugee Camps in North Lebanon near Tripoli), Samir Shabati of Bourj el Barajneh Camp near Beirut and the U.S. Team, Fred Alvarado, Caitlin Manning, and Dr. Susan Greene.

“Hope from the Ashes” was painted on newly constructed UNRWA buildings in the old camp of Nahr Al Bared Refugee Camp, which was burned to the ground by Lebanese army in 2007.  People lost all of their belongings along with their homes and many refer to this time as another uprooting, another Nakbeh. The mural was designed after community meetings and many interviews.  People wanted the history of the camp to be visible.  This was a most important thing.

"Hope From the Ashes" Mural Project was a collaboration of Al-Jana, Art Forces and Najdeh Nahr El Bared

Funded in part by Left Tilt and Munib R. Masri Foundation

Art Forces